Orchestral work

La Solitude for chamber orchestra and tape (2009)

Sense of power for orchestra, occasionally strengthened by a rock band (2007)  

Oncle Bush (Puska-setä) for orchestra and counter tenor (2004) [MP4]

Northern Fire overture for orchestra and choir (2007)


Nostradamus song cycle (2006)

Flatus Angstus for flute quartet (2005) [MP4]

Tuonen lehto for electronics and strings (2005)

Serialis for flute, cello and violin (2005)

The Kurust for solo flute (2004)

Music for stage/theatre

Angels in America (2010)

Vaarallisia suhteita (2008)

(Les Liaisions Dangereuses)

Pimeyden sydän  (2007)
(Heart of Darkness)

[MP4] Overture

Yks kuningatar, yks mestaaja (2003)
(One queen, one executioner)

Laulua kauniiden lasten saarelta (2004)
(Singing from the island of beautiful children)

Songs for various arrengements

Equilibrium Day, Table of Ignorants, Aside, Expanse Between the Two, Glum Nosferatu, Achievements of the Day, The Cavalier [MP4], Unikukka (A Dream Flower), Hide n' Seek, En Avance, Kings Confessions, Blue Elegy, Beyond Belief, Song of the Marionette, Revival, A Vague Moment, Diary of Don Juan